35 – How To Build A Large Audience In 6-Months Working Part-Time

Stuart Ralph

“You chase two rabbits, both will get away” -Stuart Ralph (stolen from someone far more wise and philosophical)

Stuart blogs on OCD and mental health issues. He is the founder of The OCD Stories, which he created to guide people towards recovery. In 2014, he released his debut book Challenge Yourself, I Dare You. When he is not trying to change the world, you can find him on the basketball court.

Stuart is a very close friend of mine. We lived together during and after University and we have both helped one another to develop as human beings and as novice entrepreneurs.

You will love this podcast if you are interested in one or more of the following:

  • You are a new entrepreneur and you want to understand how to use social media, platforms, and other tactics to grow your business and brand.
  • You want to learn how to effectively balance your full-time job, business (side-hustle), relationship(s), family, social life, etc.
  • You want to learn how to prevent OCD and mental illness from stifling your drive and productivity.

About Stuart:

About The OCD Stories:

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Show Notes

  • How does Stuart introduce himself at parties? [3:10]
  • How does Stuart prevent his entrepreneurial work from causing conflict with his employer? [6:00]
  • What is The OCD Stories and what is the aim? [8:55]
  • How does Stuart manage his full-time job and side-hustle (business)? [17:15]
  • How does Stuart make time for everything in his life that’s important? [21:20]
  • What are the biggest mistakes that first-time entrepreneurs make? [25:15]
  • How does Stuart structure his day for maximum productivity? [28:15]
  • What are Stuart’s goals and how is he going to achieve them? [34:15]
  • Is the type-A, over-achiever, “constantly working” personality-type derived from nurture or nature? [44:25]
  • 4 Hour Work Week vs 100 Hour Work Week [48:00]
  • Why did it take Stuart and I a while (4-5 years) to land on a brand/business that stuck? [52:15]
  • Why has The OCD Stories podcast grown so quickly? [56:15]
  • Where did Stuart get his website theme for Theocdstories.com? [1:18:00]
  • What tools does Stuart use on a day-to-day basis to run his business? [1:20:55]
  • How does Stuart cultivate his idea generating machine? [1:26:20]
  • How important are personal brands? [1:31:20]
  • How does Stuart engage with his email subscribers? [1:34:40]
  • What are the most effective methods to prevent OCD from stifling productivity? [1:39:20]
  • Stuart’s thoughts on High Intensity Strength Training [1:49:25]
  • Who has been the biggest positive influence on Stuart? [1:57:55]
  • Who are Stuart’s mentors? [1:59:10]
  • What has Stuart changed his mind about in the last year? [2:01:00]
  • When has Stuart felt the most successful in the last 5 years? [2:09:05]
  • What advice would Stuart give his 20-year-old self? [2:10:50]
  • What is Stuart not very good at? [2:11:20]
  • Best advice Stuart has ever received? [2:13:20]
  • What books does Stuart most recommend to new entrepreneurs? [2:14:35]

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  • Lot of valuable content on this one!

    • Thanks Andrew. Glad you liked it. Any specific moments that really stood out?

      • Hi Lawrence, generally it provided a lot of jumping off points for further thinking. I’m in a phase of refining my focus in several possible revenue sources at the moment and it got me really thinking about optimising my aims, focus and productivity (also enjoying some of your other productivity/business episodes recently). The theme around cultivating a positive mindset and good mental health introduced a real “feel good” motivating factor that’s sometimes missing here, a little more gentle than the usual bicep flexing tough guy attitude that can sometimes crop up, lol!

        • Awesome! Really glad you’re enjoying and finding value in those episodes. They aren’t as popular among most of my HIT listeners and readers but I LOVE producing them and I believe that they will grow in popularity over time. So in short, I will be creating more!

      • In an ideal world it’d be great to see you have a couple of guests that deal with motivation, acceptance and positive thinking with the caveat that they come from a rationalist (center/left) secular space (sorry I have no suggestions atm). I’m not sure how that would fit with your usual themes though.

        • I’ll add this to my feedback sheet :D. I certainly am happy to cover it. I may re-vert my theme back to “health, business and time optimisation” because if I’m honest, I LOVE writing about and interviewing guests on productivity in all fields. I love talking about HIT too and obviously business/HIT business but I am not going to sacrifice my interests or even launch a second site to cater for this. So watch this space.

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