Lawrence Neal is the Founder of High Intensity
Business and the Host of the High Intensity Business
Podcast. He has interviewed over 250 high intensity
training (HIT) and fitness business experts to
discover the tactics and strategies they use to
achieve success in their business.

High Intensity Business is featured in:

Before starting High Intensity Business, Lawrence
spent 10 years in complex B2B technology sales,
generating over $10,000,000 in contract revenue.

Inside his programs, HIT Business Membership and
HIT Business Intensive, Lawrence has coached
multiple HIT Business owners to help them
successfully start and grow their business.

Lawrence has a strong skill set in:

  • Scaling a business to free up the owner
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Lead generation
  • Sales conversion
  • Client retention
  • Online strategy
  • Systems and processes
  • Marketing strategy

Lawrence’s purpose is to transform the lives of HIT Business owners by helping them build highly profitable businesses that become a joy to own and consequently transform the health and well being of thousands of people.


Lacking direction, I met my best friend at University who helped me discover personal development books like Be Your Own Life Coach. I started to believe in myself…


I joined a telemarketing agency and realised I had a natural gift for sales, business and building relationships.


I worked in Head Hunting with inspirational entrepreneur, David Pike, who introduced me to the Spartan Health Regime, my first foray into a smarter approach to exercise.


I moved to London to pursue my career and business dreams. A friend sent me the book, 4-Hour Work Week, which transformed my perspective on business and productivity.


I joined technology business, Claranet, and continued to develop my sales skills and business acumen. I was successful selling complex IT solutions to businesses. I started multiple businesses on the side, which all failed. My exercise regime dominated my life. I had no energy for anything else outside work and exercise. I felt trapped.


I watched a YouTube video from Dr Doug McGuff, not knowing it would change my entire life. I read Doug’s book, Body By Science, and it completely changed how I looked at exercise. I proceeded to reduce my 10 workouts per week to just 1 workout a week. I suddenly had time and energy to build a business alongside my job and create a social life. I was inspired to start the Corporate Warrior (later became High Intensity Business) and create content on exercise and productivity. Dr Doug McGuff was my first guest on the podcast.


I joined IT business, Node4, and generated over $10M in contract revenue in just 2 years. I was the top performing sales person in the business. The Corporate Warrior podcast became very popular with over 20,000 downloads every month. My passion for all things high intensity training and fitness business grew even more, and I niched down to focus on helping the community I had fallen in love with.


I moved to Galway, Ireland, with my Fiance to be closer to family and run Corporate Warrior full time. The Corporate Warrior Podcast becomes the #1 podcast resource for HIT business owners and HIT enthusiasts.


I attended the Resistance Exercise Conference, and validated and launched HIT Business Membership: providing HIT business owners with community, content, and coaching to help them grow their business.


I rebranded Corporate Warrior to High Intensity Business (including the podcast) to make it clear that the mission is to transform the lives of HIT business owners and their clients. I attended Resistance Exercise Conference to connect with the HIT community, collaborate with ARX, and meet Dr Doug McGuff.


HIT Business Membership continues to grow and help members achieve success. I launched HIT Business Intensive to help HIT business owners with custom coaching. We now have 250+ podcasts on exercise and business and we’re showing no signs of slowing down…

Tailored to HIT

All of our content and services are related to high intensity strength training business and personal training, giving you the ultimate resource to help you become a better personal trainer and grow your HIT Business

HIT Community

Through our podcast and membership programs, you will be connected with your peers and expert mentors for passionate collegiality and business guidance.

Personal Coaching

All our programs offer 1-on-1 coaching to help you drive results in your HIT Business fast.

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