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124 – Menno Henselmans on Minimalism, Optimising Muscle Growth for a Non-Responder, and Low vs High Training Frequencies

Menno Henselmans

Menno Henselmans (Instagram and Facebook) is an online physique coach, fitness model, scientific author and the creator and director of Bayesian Bodybuilding. Menno has also worked with multiple pro card winning clients and international prize winners in physique sports and powerlifting and is an international speaker for BodyPower, the Norwegian Academy for Personal Training (AFPT), Paleo f(x), …

51 – Clarence Bass on Being in Peak Physical Condition at 60, Steroid Use, the Importance of Getting Tested for Nutritional Optimization, and How to Be Healthy and Fit For Life

Clarence Bass

Clarence Bass is a bodybuilding legend and a prolific health and fitness writer. He wrote regularly for Muscle & Fitness magazine and authored 10 books on nutrition and exercise, including the widely-known Ripped series of fitness books and DVDs. A lifelong athlete, Clarence excelled in wrestling and Olympic weightlifting, garnering championships and collecting numerous trophies for …