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285 – Mike Petrella and Luke Carlson – How to Adapt your HIT Startup to the New World

Luke Carlson and Michael Petrella Discover Strength and STG Strength and Power

Luke Carlson (luke @ discoverstrength.com) is the founder and CEO of Discover Strength, a fast growing personal training business based in Minneapolis and four other personal training facilities in Minnesota. Discover Strength offers a variety of strength training sessions, including virtual personal training, facilitated by educated and expert trainers.  Learn how you can own a Discover Strength …

284 – John Zarbock – How to Build a Lifestyle ARX Business

John Zarbock

John Zarbock (john @ biofitstl.com) is a veteran and currently serves in the Missouri National Guard as Deputy CIO for the 35th Infantry Division. He owns BioFit, a smart fitness biohacking studio that delivers evidence based exercise with state of the art specialized training machines. His goal is to help co-create as many super humans …