Most Popular Podcasts (as of June 2017)

In order of popularity:

  1. #57: Dr Ted Naiman: The Most Effective Diet for Fat Loss, Daily Workouts to Failure and The Problems with Supplements
  2. #54: Body By Science Contributor, Ryan Hall – How To Train Specifically For Your Genetics And How Genetic Traits Determine Exercise Results
  3. #49: Brad Schoenfeld on Periodization, De-loading, Optimally Targeting Type-1 and Type-2 Muscle Fibers, and Optimizing for Hypertrophy and Muscle Growth
  4. #47: Robb Wolf on his Blood Glucose Monitoring Experiment, Ketones and Myostatin Inhibition, and High Intensity Strength Training
  5. #56: Ryan Hall Part 2 – How to Tailor a HIT Workout and Repetition Cadence, The Importance of the Negative Component of an Exercise and Evidence-Based Fat Loss Tactics