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All of our content and services are related to high intensity strength training business and personal training, giving you the ultimate resource to help you become a better personal trainer and grow your HIT Business

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Through our podcast and membership programs, you will be connected with your peers and expert mentors for passionate collegiality and business guidance.

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All our programs offer 1-on-1 coaching to help you drive results in your HIT Business fast.

10 Tips to Get More Clients for Your HIT Business

“Having HIT Business Membership is so valuable and I look forward to working with Lawrence for years to come. My journey is just beginning. Lawrence, thank you for everything, you don’t even know what you’ve done for me!”

Wayne Thacker, Owner, Quick Fit Indiana



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About Us


Lawrence Neal is the Founder of High Intensity
Business and the Host of the High Intensity Business
Podcast. He has interviewed over 250 high intensity
training (HIT) and fitness business experts to
discover the tactics and strategies they use to
achieve success in their business.

High Intensity Business is featured in:

Before starting High Intensity Business, Lawrence
spent 10 years in complex B2B technology sales,
generating over $10,000,000 in contract revenue.

Inside his programs, HIT Business Membership and
HIT Business Intensive, Lawrence has coached
multiple HIT Business owners to help them
successfully start and grow their business.

Lawrence has a strong skill set in:

  • Scaling a business to free up the owner
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Lead generation
  • Sales conversion
  • Client retention
  • Online strategy
  • Systems and processes
  • Marketing strategy

Lawrence’s purpose is to transform the lives of HIT Business owners by helping them build highly profitable businesses that become a joy to own and consequently transform the health and well being of thousands of people.

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