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169 – Ted Harrison – How To Motivate Yourself And Your Clients In High Intensity Strength Training For Maximum Results

Ted Harrison

Ted Harrison (Facebook / Twitter) is a UK-based, High-intensity trainer and the owner of Vital Exercise, a private exercise studio specialising in strength and conditioning. Ted has spent over three decades helping people transform their health and build their best physiques using an evidence-based exercise approach. This is Ted’s third appearance on the podcast. Check out …

A Day with Ted Harrison – Volume and Brevity

Ted Harrison

The 30th August 2015 was a special day for me. I took the train to the small town of Manningtree near Colchester in Essex, UK to train and talk with the fresh faced, forever cussing, cigar chomping, Fiat driving, beer drinking, strength training veteran, Ted Harrison. Ted is the owner of Vital Exercise, a private exercise …

7 – Vital Exercise owner, Ted Harrison on How he used HIT to Significantly Increase Muscle Mass, HIT Supplementation and Bulletproof Coffee

Ted Harrison, founder of Vital Exercise, is a High Intensity Training Expert and a Master Personal Trainer

Ted Harrison has been a personal trainer for over 30 years and is the owner and founder of Vital Exercise, his personal training studio in Essex. Ted uses HIT-influenced, science-based training principles to help his clients achieve their goals. His client’s have been able to obtain astonishing results with less than 30-minutes gym time per week. …