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202 – Thom Tombs and Craig Hubert – The Resistance Exercise Conference 2019

Thom Tombs and Craig Hubert

In March 2019, Thom Tombs, Craig Hubert, myself, and many others attended the Resistance Exercise Conference (REC). REC provides a great opportunity to meet like-minded professionals in the strength training industry, learn about the latest exercise science, and take your personal training business to the next level. Following another unforgettable REC experience, Thom, Craig, and …

Thom Tombs – How to Help Your Clients by Closing the Sale

Thom Tombs - Smarter Exercise

The following is a guest post by Thom Tombs. Thom has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and is a former U.S. Marine and Senior IT Director for a fast-growing biotech company. Thom is the proud owner and operator of Smarter Exercise in Encinitas, CA. In this guest post, Thom tackles some of …