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278 – Kristin Rowell – Inside the Mind of Your Target Market: the High Powered Lawyer

Kristin Rowell - IPE Pro Figure bodybuilder

Kristin Rowell is a former business litigator turned Function Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She is an IPE Pro Figure bodybuilder, NANBF 2018 Ms. Natural Minnesota, and a 25x marathoner. Kristin runs Energetically Efficient consulting for companies and organizations around the country on different topics about nutrition, lifestyle and wellness. She also does one-on-one nutritional and lifestyle …

256 – Luke Carlson and Dr Bryce Lee – Hiring, Referral Marketing, and Startups

Luke Carlson and Dr Bryce Lee

Luke Carlson (luke @ discoverstrength.com) is the founder and CEO of Discover Strength, a fast growing personal training business based in Minneapolis and four other personal training facilities in Minnesota. Discover Strength offers a variety of strength training sessions facilitated by educated and expert trainers. Their personal training facilities are among the highest volume/revenue training facilities in …