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242 – Simon Shawcross – Is HITuni right for you?

Simon Shawcross

Simon Shawcross (simon @ hituni.com) is a master personal trainer, co-author of The ONE Diet, and of course, founder of HITuni. Simon has more than 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, and has been helping people get their certifications and start their own HIT business for 7 years.    HITuni is an e-learning course …

32 – Simon Shawcross on How to Optimise Productivity Through Nutrition, Mindset and Meditation

Simon Shawcross, founder of HITuni and High Intensity Training expert

“Stick at it.” – Simon’s advice to his 20-year-old self. Simon Shawcross (Simon[@]hituni.com) is the Founder and a Director of HITuni.com, the leading provider of online education in High Intensity Training and certification courses in HIT for personal trainers and those wanting to become personal trainers. As a Master Personal Trainer himself, specialising in High Intensity Training, Simon …