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Kieran Igwe – Franchise vs. Start-up: Which One Works for You? (#225)

Kieran Igwe

Kieran Igwe (kieranigwe @ fit20.co.uk) is a studio owner at fit20 Leeds, United Kingdom. fit20 is an intensive exercise method performed for just 20 minutes, once per week under the guidance of a fit20 personal trainer. fit20 gives you quick results and is easy to sustain, so you can enjoy the benefits of better health …

Bill DeSimone – How To Make Your Weight Training Joint-Friendly (#223)

Bill DeSimone (photo from HITuni.com)

Bill DeSimone (Congruent Exercise) is a personal trainer known for his sensible, biomechanics-based approach to strength training and is the go-to biomechanics expert for some of the best high-intensity trainers in the world like Dr. Doug McGuff and Skyler Tanner.  Starting as a trainer in 1983 in New York City, in 2006 he opened his own studio, Optimal …