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287 – Dr. Ben Bocchicchio – How to Deliver Virtual Personal Training to Seniors

Dr. Ben Bocchicchio

Dr Ben Bocchicchio (drbenbo @ hotmail.com) has been an innovator and leader in the fields of fitness, exercise, and health since the 1970s. He founded Sports Conditioning in Staten Island and developed programs for weight reduction, cosmetic enhancement, general fitness, and health and rehabilitation. Dr Ben owned and supervised a number of private fitness and health …

221 – John Little – The Time Saver’s Workout Part 2

John Little

John Little (Linkedin) is considered “one of the top fitness researchers in North America” (Ironman magazine). An accomplished author in the field of exercise (Max Contraction Training, Body By Science, The Art of Expressing the Human Body), philosophy, history and martial arts, John’s articles have been published in every major fitness and martial arts magazine in North America. …