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212 – Jim Keen – The Complete ARX Exercise Selection

Jim Keen

Jim Keen (email – Jim [at] arxfit.com) is the Director of Fun at ARX (Facebook, Instagram). He’s been SuperSlow certified since 2013, and transitioned from a career as a trumpet player in pit orchestras for Broadway tours to a career training people in accordance with High Intensity Training principles. As an “outsider” to the field, and having trained people …

199 – REC 2019 Roundtable with ARX – The Common Themes In Successful Smart Gyms

Mike Pullano, Lawrence Neal, and Jim Keen

I joined Mike Pullano (ARXFit Product and Fulfilment Manager) and Jim Keen (ARXFit Director of Fun), for a really engaging and entertaining roundtable discussion at the Resistance Exercise Conference 2019. In this episode, we discuss the state of the high intensity training industry, including how the fitness business landscape is changing, common themes in successful …