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223 – Bill DeSimone – How To Make Your Weight Training Joint-Friendly

Bill DeSimone (photo from HITuni.com)

Bill DeSimone (Congruent Exercise) is a personal trainer known for his sensible, biomechanics-based approach to strength training and is the go-to biomechanics expert for some of the best high-intensity trainers in the world like Dr. Doug McGuff and Skyler Tanner.  Starting as a trainer in 1983 in New York City, in 2006 he opened his own studio, Optimal …

100 – Simon Shawcross and the Story of HITuni – How He Started a HIT Business From Scratch and Effectively Marketed and Scaled His Way to Success (and What You Can Learn From It All)

Simon Shawcross, founder of HITuni and High Intensity Training expert

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 100th episode of the Corporate Warrior podcast! For this milestone, I’m joined by master personal trainer, author of The ONE Diet ( Amazon US / Amazon UK ), and of course, founder of HITuni, Simon Shawcross. In this episode, we talk about the story of how HITuni came to …

32 – Simon Shawcross on How to Optimise Productivity Through Nutrition, Mindset and Meditation

Simon Shawcross, founder of HITuni and High Intensity Training expert

“Stick at it.” – Simon’s advice to his 20-year-old self. Simon Shawcross (Simon[@]hituni.com) is the Founder and a Director of HITuni.com, the leading provider of online education in High Intensity Training and certification courses in HIT for personal trainers and those wanting to become personal trainers. As a Master Personal Trainer himself, specialising in High Intensity Training, Simon …