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264 – Logan Herlihy – The Life Changing Power of HIT and Great Mentors

Logan Herlihy - personal trainer at Discover Strength

Logan Emmet Herlihy (logan @ how2lookgoodnaked.com) is a personal trainer at Discover Strength at Woodbury, Minnesota for over three years of experience and supervised over 5,200 HIT workouts. He is an ACSM and HITuni certified as a high intensity resistance exercise specialist. Logan is a graduate of BS Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Exercise …

258 – Ad Ligtvoet – The State of Healthcare, Training and Diet Experiments, and Lessons from Mike Mentzer

Ad Ligtvoet

This podcast was recorded on the 25th March. The content will show you how fast things have moved on regarding COVID-19 since that day. Ad Ligtvoet is a training instructor and former MedX therapist for Keiser Training in Aachen, Germany. He also runs his own business, Ad Ligtvoet Training Therapy Nutrition, which focuses on helping people restore metabolic health through an …

237 – Cassandra Av – How to Build a Timed Static Contraction Personal Training Business

Cassandra Bunhong

Cassandra Av (bunhongav @ yahoo.com) is a certified HIT trainer at Innate Strength Personal Training focusing on safe, efficient, and effective resistance training using high intensity. She also has certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, HITuni, and California Massage Therapy Council.    Cassandra graduated at Southern California University of Health Science as an advanced …