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Kieran Igwe – Franchise vs. Start-up: Which One Works for You? (#225)

Kieran Igwe

Kieran Igwe (kieranigwe @ fit20.co.uk) is a studio owner at fit20 Leeds, United Kingdom. fit20 is an intensive exercise method performed for just 20 minutes, once per week under the guidance of a fit20 personal trainer. fit20 gives you quick results and is easy to sustain, so you can enjoy the benefits of better health …

Walter Vendel – How to Build a Successful fit20 Franchise (#219)

Walter Vendel fit20

Walter Vendel (walter[@]fit20.nl) is the CEO of fit20 Group. The first fit20 studio started in 2009. Today, they have more than 120 studios in the Netherlands and continue to grow fast internationally having licensed Master Franchisees in 8 countries on 4 continents.  fit20 is an innovative training studio that offered thousands of people worldwide an …