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Drew Baye, Ryan Hall and Skyler Tanner – Round Table Part 2

Drew Baye, Ryan Hall, and Skyler Tanner

So excited to bring you this episode! This is Part 2 of a Round Table I recorded with Drew Baye, Ryan Hall and Skyler Tanner. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 of this Round Table yet, check it out by clicking here! Drew Baye is one of the world’s top high-intensity training experts and …

Author of Congruent Exercise, Bill DeSimone on Stretching and Restoring Postural Deficits, the Risks of P90x and Insanity and the Benefits of having a Movement Practice

Bill DeSimone in 1996, High Intensity Training Expert and author of HIT Book Congruent Exercise

Bill Desimone is one of the world’s leading experts in applying exercise biomechanics. He’s been a personal trainer for 30+ years and he’s the author of Moment Arm Exercise and Congruent Exercise: How to Make Weight Training Easier on your Joints.  I have wanted to speak with Bill ever since I saw him present on The 21 …