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Simon Melov, PhD – How Exercise Reverses Aging (#155)

Simon Melov, PhD

Simon Melov, PhD, heads the Buck Institute’s Genomic Core, which explores the role of the energy-making units inside cells, the mitochondria. Simon’s research focus is in identifying molecular hallmarks of aging to guide the development of anti-aging therapies. Melov received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of London in the UK. He held positions …

Drew Baye on Strength Training Exercise Science and HIT vs “High-Volume”

Drew Baye TSC belt squat

Drew Baye is one of the top high intensity training experts. He’s also a prolific writer, researcher, an elite level personal trainer and the founder of Baye.com, the most popular high intensity training blog. In this mini episode, we discuss the problems inherent within a lot of the current exercise science, which attempt to identify the optimal …