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205 – Rahul Bernath – Is the CAR.O.L Bike a Good Fit for your HIT Business?

Rahul Bernath

Rahul Bernath is the Sales and Marketing Director for CAR.O.L. Before joining CAR.O.L, Rahul graduated from the University College London with a First Class Degree and worked with some of the UK’s most valuable consumer brands in marketing and sales. CAR.O.L was founded by Rahul’s parents; both serial entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. Since joining CAR.O.L, …

179 – Josh Jarrett – ARX and High Intensity Training Business Marketing Tactics

Josh Jarrett on the Vasper

Josh Jarrett is a National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) and has supervised thousands of high-intensity workouts at Quantify Fitness (Facebook and Instagram). He is also a Certified Bulletproof Coach, a Certified NeurOptimal Brain Trainer, and a Health, Fitness, Data, and Technology Geek. Using his 20+ years experience as a Chief Marketing Officer in corporate …