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284 – John Zarbock – How to Build a Lifestyle ARX Business

John Zarbock

John Zarbock (john @ biofitstl.com) is a veteran and currently serves in the Missouri National Guard as Deputy CIO for the 35th Infantry Division. He owns BioFit, a smart fitness biohacking studio that delivers evidence based exercise with state of the art specialized training machines. His goal is to help co-create as many super humans …

282 – Tom Bisson – How to Build a $20k Per Month One-Man Fitness Business

Thomas Bisson

Thomas Bisson is a personal trainer, weight loss specialist, and the founder of Chigwell Personal Training. With 10+ years of training experience and learning from fitness experts like Dr. Doug McGuff and Mike Mentzer, Tom developed a training method that is fun and efficient in helping clients achieve their goals.      After discovering the …

278 – Kristin Rowell – Inside the Mind of Your Target Market: the High Powered Lawyer

Kristin Rowell - IPE Pro Figure bodybuilder

Kristin Rowell is a former business litigator turned Function Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She is an IPE Pro Figure bodybuilder, NANBF 2018 Ms. Natural Minnesota, and a 25x marathoner. Kristin runs Energetically Efficient consulting for companies and organizations around the country on different topics about nutrition, lifestyle and wellness. She also does one-on-one nutritional and lifestyle …