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155 – Simon Melov, PhD – How Exercise Reverses Aging

Simon Melov, PhD

Simon Melov, PhD, heads the Buck Institute’s Genomic Core, which explores the role of the energy-making units inside cells, the mitochondria. Simon’s research focus is in identifying molecular hallmarks of aging to guide the development of anti-aging therapies. Melov received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of London in the UK. He held positions …

131 – Blair Wilson – Can Taking Time Off The Gym Increase Muscle Gain?

Blair Wilson

Blair Wilson is the co-founder of MedX Precision Fitness (@Medxfitness), a fast growing strength training facility in Toronto, Canada. Prior to starting MedX Precision Fitness, Blair was a professional water skier and long time mentee to John Little. Blair has contributed to several influential studies on the mechanisms of fitness and weight loss – two of which have been published in …