227 – William Edgar Jones – Nautilus: The Lost Empire of Arthur Jones

William Edgar Jones
William Edgar Jones

William Edgar Jones is a writer and the youngest son of Arthur Jones. He worked alongside his father in building the Nautilus and MedX empire.

Check out Williams published books Nautilus: The Lost Empire of Arthur Jones, which is a biography of his years with Nautilus, and Tales of Frozen Sleep Volume 1: The First Family, his first fictional novel. Besides working for Nautilus and writing, William’s work experience includes programming, working for a group of doctors and freelance photography for sports.

In this episode, William shares about his life and book, memories with his father (Arthur Jones), his experiences working with Nautilus, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • 1:19 – The genesis of the book
  • 3:34 – Childhood days with Arthur Jones 
  • 13:30 – Nautilus and other businesses of Arthur Jones
  • 30:39 – MedX business story
  • 36:15 – The Colorado Experiment
  • 42:13 – Wildlife experiences and exploits
  • 52:47 – Encounter with Jim Flanagan
  • 55:53 – Arthur’s relationship with Terri
  • 59:30 – William’s inheritance from Arthur
  • 1:03:15 – A son’s regret

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