219 – Walter Vendel – How to Build a Successful fit20 Franchise

Walter Vendel fit20
Walter Vendel at a fit20 studio

Walter Vendel (walter[@]fit20.nl) is the CEO of fit20 Group. The first fit20 studio started in 2009. Today, they have more than 120 studios in the Netherlands and continue to grow fast internationally having licensed Master Franchisees in 8 countries on 4 continents. 

fit20 is an innovative training studio that offered thousands of people worldwide an effective way to increase their health and fitness levels significantly by training just once a week for 20 minutes. fit20’s unique training removes the intimidation of a typical gym and blends personal training, and recovery to improve your strength and overall well-being. With a vision to help millions worldwide, fit20 offers a highly profitable franchising business model for prospective business owners. 

In this episode, Walter talks about the history of fit20, how it expanded world-wide through franchising, opportunities for business owners and franchisees, marketing tips to drive more clients into your business, how to grow your business through networking, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • [00:16] – Introduction to Walter Vendel
  • [04:05] – The genesis of fit20
  • [11:15] – How Walter leveraged fit20 through franchising
  • [16:31] – How big is fit20?
  • [18:40] – The fit20 studio operation and client experience
  • [25:13] – Why fit20 uses Nautilus machines
  • [27:44] – Why is the fit20 franchising model ideal for business owners?
  • [33:09] – How do fit20 help their franchisees to be successful?
  • [36:37] – Marketing tips to drive more clients into your HIT business
  • [39:41] – How to grow your business through networking
  • [45:17] – Vision and goal of fit20
  • [48:19] – Walter’s thoughts with regards to the growth of smart gyms and digital training
  • [49:46] – Walter’s personal workout regimen
  • [53:11] – Find out more about fit20 franchise opportunities
  • [54:12] – Walter’s advice for business owners and franchisees
  • [55:14] – Find out more about Walter Vendel

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