202 – Thom Tombs and Craig Hubert – The Resistance Exercise Conference 2019

Thom Tombs and Craig Hubert
Thom Tombs and Craig Hubert

In March 2019, Thom Tombs, Craig Hubert, myself, and many others attended the Resistance Exercise Conference (REC).

REC provides a great opportunity to meet like-minded professionals in the strength training industry, learn about the latest exercise science, and take your personal training business to the next level.

Following another unforgettable REC experience, Thom, Craig, and I, decided to do a roundtable podcast to talk about some of the highlights and give you a taste of what to expect at REC 2020 and beyond.

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Thom Tombs (thom [@] smarterexercise.org) has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and is a former U.S. Marine and Senior IT Director for a fast-growing biotech company. Thom is the proud owner and operator of Smarter Exercise in Encinitas, CA.

Craig Hubert (craig [@] gethit.ca) is a certified personal trainer since 1997 and a Licensed Kinesitherapist since 2002. He started seeing clients in small gyms and private studios before embarking on his own to run a successful in-home training business that would eventually offer in-home High Intensity Training. Craig is the founder of high intensity strength training studio, Get Hit, in Quebec, Canada.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • Lawrence, another great episode! Could you please expand on your neck training regime. I assume you lie on the floor on your front/back and press your forehead/back of the head into the mat for timed intervals using 50/75/100% force?

  • Since you mentioned Fred Hahn and how lean he looked, I’ve got to ask: Is there any demonstrated health benefit to being that lean?

    I’m pretty sure you can document adverse health outcomes from being over fat (>20% body fat for men). But, excepting some individuals who might have unusually high risk for metabolic disorders like T2 diabetes, what health benefits come from reducing body fat from ~20% to 10% or lower?

    This is important, because for many people, getting from 20% body fat to 10% or less is quite a challenge, requiring extreme discipline in terms of dietary compliance. No doubt that Fred’s diet works for him. But eating a low carb diet with a 6-hour eating window really is a highly restrictive and highly regimented way to approach eating. I’ve tried it, and find if very hard to do consistently.

    Just as people need to have a realistic view about the amount of muscle that can be gained, they also need to have a realistic view of what it might take to have “visible abs”.

    • I agree. I think that 8-12% seems ideal for men. I think Fred is perhaps at the threshold. If he were any leaner, it probably wouldn’t be healthy. He told me himself that he did get even leaner but didn’t like his appearance.

      I agree, I do not think that IF with a very short eating window is going to work for everyone. I’ve come to believe that there is no one size fits all diet or “plan” that works for everyone. The individual has to find out what works best for them in terms of fat loss / weight maintenance. Personally, I would struggle with just 6-hours, and prefer ~8-hours, which seems to work for me, and I don’t count calories. Whereas I know you count calories Greg, IIRC, however, that might be because I’m just 32.

      Thanks for the valuable comment as always.

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