21 – Steve Maxwell on Perfect Breathing, Succeeding as a Nomad and the Truth behind Steroid-Use in Hollywood

Steve Maxwell

“The biggest enemy is fear, and if you’re afraid, you are going to manifest the very things that you are fearful of and that you worry about.” – Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell is a Brazilian Jujitsu blackbelt, nomadic strength and conditioning coach with over 50 years experience and was named one of the top 100 trainers by Men’s Journal.

Steve has come back on to the show to talk about more than just high intensity training. We cover:

  • A list of tools and techniques to significantly improve breathing habits.
  • Steve’s nomadic lifestyle and how he manages to carry everything in his 45 litre back pack.
  • The key contributors to Steve’s business success and how he responds to business challenges.
  • How to make progress using just body weight exercises, how to overcome sticking points and how to repair an injury to a rotator cuff.
  • How to cultivate better movement patterns, and optimise diet and training for fat loss and hypertrophy.
  • The importance of coming to terms with genetic limitations and the truth about the use of drugs in show business, sport and the media to create impressive physiques.
  • How to prevent overtraining and how training expands consciousness.

Contact Steve through maxwellsc.com or tweet him @SteveMaxwellSC.

Enjoy the interview!

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Listen to my first interview with Steve below:


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Show Notes

  • Breathing exercises to make healthy breathing automatic [5:30]
  • What is the best breathing technique for high intensity strength training? [23:45]
  • What items make the cut and travel the world with Steve in his 45 litre backpack? [27:10]
  • Should we be worried about carrying electrical devices on or near our person? [42:35]
  • What are the key things that Steve attributes to his success in business? [46:30]
  • How does Steve bounce back when business is difficult? [53:50]
  • Steve’s business goals and perspective on life and business [55:45]
  • What is the best way to progress (increase strength and muscular size) through body weight exercises? [57:50]
  • How to overcome sticking points in a high intensity training protocol? [1:04:00]
  • What are the best ways to resolve an injury to a rotator cuff? [1:07:40]
  • The importance of good movement patterns and the optimal diet and training regimen to improve health and stimulate hypertrophy [1:12:40]
  • Do movie stars use performance enhancing drugs to achieve dramatic body transformations? [1:25:45]
  • Is too much muscle mass a detriment to health? [1:27:40]
  • Is there such a thing as too much rest between HIT workouts which can lead to a loss or stagnation in muscle gain? [1:35:20]
  • Does training increase consciousness? [1:42:30]
  • If Steve had a huge billboard that he could place anywhere in the world, where would he put it and what would it say? [1:49:05]
  • Where is Steve off to next and how does he plan his journey? [1:52:50]
  • Some big takeaways from Steve’s collective wisdom to action now [1:57:30]



  • Born to Run: The Hidden Tribe, the Ultra-Runners, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall (Amazon US / Amazon UK)
  • As a Man Thinketh by James Allen (Amazon US / Amazon UK)
  • The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes (Amazon US / Amazon UK)
  • Shoulder Pain? the Solution & Prevention by M. D. John M. Kirsch (Amazon US / Amazon UK)
  • Toxaemia Explained by John H Tilden (Amazon US / Amazon UK)
  • Body by Science: A Research Based Program to Get the Results You Want in 12 Minutes a Week by Dr Doug McGuff and John R. Little (Amazon US / Amazon UK)


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Comments 6

  • Great interview Lawrence, both informative and thought provoking, keep up the great work

  • Great interview. I listen/watch all of Steve’s stuff and have had the pleasure of training with him too. I liked how you asked things that others had yet to ask which made this a fresher interview unlike some of the other who had had Steve on as a guest.

    iTunes review coming up…

    • Thanks Aidan. That was exactly my intention – to try and make it unique. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Steve is ace! And thank you for the review also.


  • Just recently discovering more of Steve Maxwell. I was wondering your thoughts on his “combination diet”? Have you discussed this with other guests?

    • Great question Will. I don’t think I have discussed with other guests. I was and still am skeptical of the benefits. However it does link in nicely with my lifestyle change to eating steak and eggs 90% diet every day. There is some very interesting anecdotal evidence on twitter of the benefits of this zero carb diet. Personally, I have never found it easier to get and stay shredded.

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