235 – Skyler Tanner – Do Your Clients Need Rush Factor?

Skyler Tanner
Skyler Tanner

Skyler Tanner (skyler @ smartstrengthaustin.com) is an exercise physiologist, analytics professional, and a world-class personal trainer. He operates Smart Strength, a HIT-focused, evidence-based, strength training studio in Austin, Texas. Smart Strength’s certified personal trainers use evidence-based methods to help you gain strength, boost energy, gain muscle, and improve mobility & balance. Skyler also brings a fascinating insights to all things exercise on his blog, skylertanner.com.

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In this episode, Skyler goes into detail about Rush Factor, where it is beneficial, difference between Rush Factor HIT and normal HIT, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • 5:08 – How HIT improves your cardiovascular system
  • 21:35 – Rush Factor and its benefits 
  • 33:35 – Rush Factor HIT vs. normal HIT
  • 37:18 – HIT and Running
  • 48:46 – Skyler’s upcoming course for HITuni and HIT Business Membership

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