Richard Wolff – How to Increase Sales by 18% and Reduce Churn to 2.2%

This is what MEDFitness Owner, Richard Wolff, achieved with HIT Business Membership.

Richard sent me this video to share with you:

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Hey guys, I’m Richard Wolff with MEDFitness. We are a strength training studio located in a suburb of Chicago. One of the challenges that we faced, as an organization, over the past decade, is finding affordable tools and resources that help us get better and help us to grow our company. Specifically around training our trainers, helping them to be better trainers, as well as improving our marketing and sales processes, getting more out of those campaigns, being more effective, around execution.

And so that started changing, about a year ago when we became HIT Business Membership subscribers. Over the past year, we’ve really made strides around the technical proficiency side of things. In fact, our trainers are delivering more consistently, on what we would describe as world-class supervision.

The biggest benefit that we’ve seen there, is an improvement in overall retention. In other words, our attrition rate is at record low levels in the past year. The second benefit that we’ve seen is not only execution on our marketing campaigns, but well-defined campaigns, sales processes that we’re following, better measurement and that’s all led to getting more revenue per workout. And we just finished last year with our best year yet with earnings about 18%. So, we’re very excited about the opportunity that’s in front of us, using the technology, using the tools that we’re gaining by being HIT Business Membership subscribers. So I’m really here today to encourage you to become a HIT Business Member subscriber, because when it comes to the success of your business, sooner really is better.

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