231 – Richard Chartrand – How to Start a HIT Business from Home

Richard Chartrand
Jim Flanagan and Richard Chartrand

Richard Chartrand (Richard @ sustainablesuccess.ca) is a HIT trainer and the owner of Sustainable Success, a one on one strength training studio in North Grenville, Canada. His studio is designed to provide clients with an ideal training environment with the right privacy using exercise equipment like Nautilus, Dynavec and Powertec.

Richard has been practicing strength training for 38 years. He was featured in Holiday Thanks, a popular article written by Dr Doug McGuff in 2009, which explains how Richard may have single-handedly revitalized the HIT movement with his amazing physical transformation following cardiac surgery. Listen to my previous episode with Richard about his transformation from Heart Attack Victim to Body Builder

In this episode, Richard shares how he started his HIT business, how to organically attract clients, sales tips for your HIT business, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • 4:47 – Richard’s career & business journey
  • 12:25 – How to organically attract new clients
  • 20:03 – What equipment to start with for your HIT business
  • 25:00 – Scaling up and hiring trainers
  • 36:59 – How HIT Business Membership helped Richard grow his business
  • 43:03 – Mistakes and lessons learned as a HIT trainer
  • 51:08 – Fasting for muscle growth and fat loss
  • 58:57 – Richard’s workout regimen
  • 1:09:24 – Sales tips for people starting a HIT business

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