Rahul Bernath – The Future of the Boutique Studio

Rahul Bernath - Sales and Marketing Director for CAR.O.L
Rahul Bernath

Rahul Bernath is the Sales and Marketing Director for CAR.O.L. Before joining CAR.O.L, Rahul graduated from the University College London with a First Class Degree and worked with some of the UK’s most valuable consumer brands in marketing and sales.

CAR.O.L stands for CARdiovascular Optimization Logic. It is an AI-powered, interactive exercise bike with self-learning algorithms that took four years to program. CAR.O.L automates each HIIT workout and guides you with touchscreen and audio prompts.

In this episode, we discuss consumer behavior trends, new research on cardio workout frequency, CAR.O.L affiliate opportunities, marketing and advertising tactics, and much more.  

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Show Notes

  • 1:09 – The new normal and the future of boutique studios
  • 13:29 – COVID-19 impact on consumer behavior 
  • 16:12 – Research on cardio frequency for cardio health 
  • 20:59 – How often should clients do a CAR.O.L workout?
  • 28:37 – CAR.O.L ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign
  • 32:56 – How to become a CAR.O.L affiliate
  • 38:46 – Marketing, ads and tech support 
  • 43:01 – CAR.O.L marketing tactics
  • 51:26 – Links and coupon code

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