201 – Patrik Meier – The HIT Giant, Kieser Training

Patrik Meier
Patrik Meier, Chief Operating Officer for Kieser Training

In 1967, Kieser Training was pioneering – it was one of the first companies to recognise the health benefits of strength training and consistently encouraged the use of machinery to this end. More than 50 years later, Kieser has remained faithful to its concept and is still ahead of the curve. The machines continue to be developed in-house, always on the basis of current medical research to guarantee maximum training effectiveness.

Kieser has 42 owned facilities and 118 franchises worldwide. There are 1,500 people in the Kieser team and over 265,000 clients. Kieser Training is the envy of the high intensity business world.

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Patrik Meier is the Chief Operating Officer for Kieser Training. Patrik is a mechanical and industrial engineer, and specialised in sales, marketing and branding. Patrik spent time in the Swiss army as an infantry officer and in the health industry in different management and executive positions.

After reversing his back pain with MedX lumbar extension and cervical extension machines, Patrik became very passionate about MedX strength training and was hired as a CEO for a health business operating two medical oriented strength and conditioning facilities in Switzerland. During his time as CEO, Patrik took ownership of one of the facilities and proceeded to grow the business significantly.

Eventually, Patrik met Werner Kieser and decided to join Kieser Training as COO, responsible for operations, branding, marketing, product management, training and education, machine engineering, R&D, and quality management.

Information about the Kieser Training machines from their senior designer who designed the lumbar extension and cervical extension while working for Arthur Jones. At the end, there is a short preview of the i-B6 machine.

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  • Very informative. I cannot find the franchise info, or, better, the differences between the model big” vs “small” Patrik mentioned.

  • That was a very interesting episode, with lots of fascinating details about machines and history. I also love the idea of selling supervised memberships, so we can use the best machines but receive only the amount of personal attention we want. This sound similar to what Bill Crawford does with his two sided facility.

    In following up on the franchise links, it appears that Kieser is only approving new franchises in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. No mention of Australia (which has it’s own website) or the UK. But wait, Lawrence loves the Kieser facility in London! Yelp says the London Kieser facility has closed. And, of course, I have never heard of Kieser in the U.S. So where is the rest of the story? Is Kieser a great franchise opportunity? Or does it not work even in the heart of London? Inquiring minds want to know.

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