222 – Pamela Gold – How to Build a Biohacking Fitness Studio

Pamela Gold
Pamela Gold

Pamela Gold (LinkedIn) is the founder of HACKD Fitness, New York City’s first biohacking fitness studio, sharing the latest fitness and recovery tech and holistic coaching. She grew up on her family’s apple farm in upstate New York, graduated from Yale University as a Microbiology and Biochem major, and then entered the business world in New York City where she supported the growth of a restaurant chain from 18 locations to over 100 and was the point person on an IPO, all by the age of 24.

After becoming a mom, she went on to pursue her passion for fitness and wellness. It was through this pursuit that she discovered yoga which connected her love of Philosophy, Science, Psychology and wellness and founded Fulfill Fitness, specializing in personal training and nutrition coaching. She also founded a coaching business Peace Power Parenting, an online course to support conscious parenting.

Check out Pamela’s first book, Find More Strength: 5 Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness, which provides a simple, practical path to inner strength. 

In this podcast, Pamela and I talk about her fitness and wellness journey, how she built NYC’s first biohacking fitness studio, benefits of yoga, keys to an effective meditation, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • [00:18] Introduction to Pamela Gold
  • [01:55] Pamela’s early months of doing HACKD Fitness
  • [02:47] What do you mean by community?
  • [04:03] How Pamela hit $60,000/month revenue?
  • [06:56] What is the next iteration for HACKD Fitness?
  • [09:03] Does using ARX machines alongside CAR.O.L. bikes redundant?
  • [12:48] What is the most popular service at HACKD Fitness?
  • [14:41] Pamela’s fitness journey
  • [16:30] Keys to an effective meditation
  • [23:40] Pamela’s meditative practice (Kriya Yoga)
  • [30:25] How the power of Kriya meditation manifests in Pamela’s life? 
  • [42:02] How to unblock creativity by being vulnerable? 
  • [44:47] What type of people does HACKD Fitness attract?
  • [45:55] Key factors to the success of HACKD Fitness
  • [52:45] Practical tips to increase productivity on social media 
  • [57:26] How to live your best life by serving others? 
  • [01:00:37] Other exciting things that Pamela is focused at  
  • [01:02:20] What are the expansion plans for HACKD Fitness?  
  • [01:05:01] Pamela’s thoughts on the growth of boutique studios in New York City
  • [01:09:06] Find out more about Pamela Gold and HACKD Fitness
  • [01:09:21] How Pamela came up with the name ‘HACKD Fitness’?

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  • Very disappointing. She is about gimmicks. Gives us all in HIT a bad rep. She does nit kno the science. And if only 10pct of her clients hit inroad, she us a lousy trainer. Indeed if she herself inroaded, she could not do hiit! Its spreading misinformation and wrong facts. Hiit to get aer benefit separate fyom hit on leg press. Crap. Pls dont do this again w such people. Giving us a bad name and far ftom hit. Thanks w respect

  • This is a must-listen. It might be one of the most interesting interviews you have ever done. I like that she did more than just HIT and recognized there is a much bigger picture to health.

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