My Notes From The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast, ‘What I Learned In 2016’

Notes from 'What I Learned In 2016' from Tim Ferriss
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In Tim’s latest podcast, What I learned in 2016 (click this link to listen to the podcast, see the show notes and other resources), Tim explores how he performs a post-game analysis to inform his new years resolutions. I took the following notes and thought I would post them here in case some of you found them useful as a reference:

  • Post-game analysis
  • Check out mini 3-part series ‘making Opera
  • Only 2 emotions: love and fear
  • ‘Stressed’ is the achiever word for fear
  • Don’t provide darkness with a vehicle in your business. Am I representing darkness in the world? Providing a stage for it?
  • You can only run your own race. Focus on your strengths.
  • Books recommended by Seth Godin: The Culting of Brands, Debt, The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, and Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth and Art.
  • Be happy with 20k customers. You might lose them if you go for 20m (see 1,000 true fans in Tools of Titans for updated version).
  • If I had to charge 2x and had no budget for advertising what would I do instead?
  • Backward engineer how to create value.
  • 80/20 Review from Jan 1 iCal. Ask 2 questions:
    • Positive emotions/outcomes e.g. Blocked out empty space.
    • Negative emotions/outcomes (remove/minimise) e.g. No start-up investing.
    • Review 5-minute journal.
  • Trip criteria:
    • Off the grid – no internet, no social media
    • Physical component
    • Family/close friends
  • Ask people – what do you think I should do more of and less of in 2017?
  • Schedule and block out trip way ahead of time because anticipation is 90% of the experience.
  • Ask this question for any purchase – how might this affect how I use my time? How will I use this on Tuesday night/next Tuesday?
  • If you have money to solve a problem, it isn’t a problem.
  • Take 10/20% of liquid cash that you can afford to lose, how can I use this to improve my quality of life?
  • Pre-pay new sports/skills. Get 1 or 2 teachers.
  • What are the craziest things I can do in 2017? Don’t edit. Goal is to come up with seeds for ideas, not ideas themselves.
  • Think stranger to think bigger.
  • What would I need to do to 10x X?
  • Schedule the fun stuff first. Pre-commit, pre-pay, pre-book.
  • NOCNOC – no carbs (Slow Carb, so some allowances), no complaining (30 day challenge).

This is a little experiment to see if any of you find my note taking helpful. Let me know in the comments if you like or dislike.

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