211 – How to Sell, Acquire, and Apply MedX Medical Machines in your HIT Business

Bill Crawford, Michael Petrella, and Dwayne Wimmer
(left to right) Bill Crawford, Michael Petrella, and Dwayne Wimmer
Bill Crawford (Basic Training), Michael Petrella (STG Strength and Power), and Dwayne Wimmer (Vertex Fitness)

This roundtable podcast features the Founder of Basic Training, Bill Crawford, the Founder of STG Strength and Power, Michael Petrella, and the Founder of Vertex Fitness Personal Training, Dwayne Wimmer.

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These three gentleman are some of the most experienced and skilled personal trainers and business owners in the fitness industry. Within their service portfolio, they own and operate MedX Medical machines to help their clients get great results.

In this podcast, we discuss how to get the most out of your MedX Medical machine line, acquire new and used MedX Medical machines, position them in a lucrative business model, and much, much more.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • Great Podcast!! Thanks for sharing this as it has really helped me understand how to save money on MedX machines. Keep up the good work

  • Excellent show and very informative !

  • Excellent show and very informative !

  • So $250,000 for the full set of MedX medical machines, if purchased brand new? I thought ARX was expensive…

    The best comment from this round table was Dwayne Wimmer’s observation that the fitness industry, as a whole, has failed because it only reaches the 20% (or less) who enjoy exercise. Very good question: how do you reach the rest? Do you try to make exercise more enjoyable, or make it very uncomfortable but very brief and infrequent? I guess the market will decide.

    • They’re not cheap brand new!

      Bill believes that it’s a worthwhile investment in your business. It’s up for debate.

      I appreciate you highlighting Dwayne’s comment. I had forgotten that. Such is the issue with recording so many podcasts! It’s very interesting to see how things will evolve in the fitness industry. Hopefully science and truth will be allowed to prevail.

  • does anyone have a used medx chest press?

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