163 – Marcelo Mesquita – How To Build A Fast Growing ARX HIT Business

Marcelo and Andreia Mesquita
Marcelo and Andreia Mesquita

Intense Health Co-Founder, Marcelo Mesquita, first started lifting weights at 14, owned his first gym at 16, and has been a practitioner for the last 2 decades training general population, amateur and professional athletes. Marcelo has supervised more than 40,000 workouts in his career and shows no signs of stopping.

Both Marcelo, and his wife and Co-Founder, Andreia Mesquita, are extremely passionate about getting individuals to achieve their genetic potential and experience high levels of energy, health improvements, disease prevention and greater longevity, all by changing the way they think and approach exercise and nutrition.

With 5 locations and many more on the way, Intense Health, is one of the fastest-growing HIT businesses in the world, using ARX technology to deliver efficient and effective workouts for clients.

If you are interested in learning how to start a HIT business or improve your existing business with or without ARX, you will find this very helpful and inspiring. If you’re struggling with taking action or have simply fallen into a slump, Marcelo’s attitude and passion will make you stop, think, and say “What they hell am I waiting for?”….

Marcelo’s favourite quote. I love this too (image courtesy of fitmisc.net).

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Marcelo and Andreia started and grew Intense Health using AIO and ARX technology
  • How Marcelo grinded it out in the beginning, selling door-to-door and managing hundreds of weekly HIT sessions.
  • How to produce great results for your HIT clients
  • … and much, much more


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  • A very good example of the HIT methodology!
    I love the Fit3D Scanner … I will research this

    Another HIT aerobic guy!
    (From one of Marcelo Mesquita posts)
    “So what’s the quickest way you can tone-up?
    Most people want to ‘tone up’ and they want it on the double! A combination of proper Strength Training and an effective sprints routine is the best shot you’ve got to tone up fast.
    Proper Strength Training (Muscles) + Sprints (Metabolic response, lower Body Fat%) = Tone up fast!
    Here’s why: Sprints increase your metabolic capacity and metabolic flexibility which help get rid of the layer of subcutaneous fat… the fat you’re trying to lose. Secondly, Strength Training will add lean muscle to your frame to get that ‘toned-up’ result.

    How to approach Sprints

    Sprints are an “all out effort” to exert your body in a metabolic state i.e you go “hell for leather”. Imagine a mad Pitbull is chasing you and if you slow down, it will eat you. THAT’S the level of intensity required.

    How-to do Sprints

    On a stationary bike, cycle for 2 minutes to get warm
    Go “all out” for 20 seconds
    Rest for 1 min
    Repeat this process 6 times”

    • What about LISS cardio, to stretch out the heart? Do you still advocate for that?

      • Greg,

        I’ve already answered that question previously:


        Greg P. • a month ago
        That is exactly why an OPEN mind is so valuable. Lawrence should be glad I am so adamant about the TRUTH of cardiovascular training. I am still torn on the value of the two types of cardiovascular training.
        LISS vs. HIIT
        Too bad this question was not asked of Dr, Gibala!

        I’ve never “still advocate” any type of cardiovascular training modality. There are benefits to both types …. LISS vs HIIT! Maybe Lawrence Neal will ask Dr. Gibala that question the next time.

        Find something you like and just do it.

        Research lead me to believe Dr. McGuff had skin in the game on his advocacy of a Big 5 done SuperSlow for heart health.

        Research says other things:


        Dr. Kenneth Jay seems to be quite educated on eccentric cardiac remodeling,

        He recommends running, cycling, rowing, cross country skiing … which all share similar qualities …. guess which ones?

        • Why not just do a bit of everything?

        • Ah yes. I forgot about that exchange. I remembered that you were interested in doing exercise for eccentric cardiac hypertrophy, but didn’t recall your agnostic position on HIIT vs LISS/LSD.

          I’m pretty sure that long duration, low intensity cardio stretches out the heart (at least when you are younger, past 65 maybe not). I’m not as clear on the effects of HIIT in that regard, or how much it depends on the specifics (work:rest intervals, and intensity/duration of the work period.) I’ve added one 60 minute easy cardio session each week, just in case.

          I liked Kenneth Jay’s book, but I was surprised that his low intensity cardio session was only 30 minutes (if I remember correctly). He also did more interval work in his personal program than I had expected.

          • I doubt what small amounts of anaerobic exercises I do affect my heart adversely. Eccentrics most likely could be reserved for compromised heart patients. I just don’t know! No one else does either …. sad!
            The Kaatsu bands and long duration isometric holds allow great control over breathing. This is very important because the Valsalva maneuver prevents venous return to the heart … which most likely is the chief culprit of decreased arterial compliance. That is just one of the reasons lifting weights is a very poor choice for cardio/pulmonary vascular conditioning. McGuff is just wrong on this.

  • Great interview Lawrence . The most effective pathway to getting in better shape is proper eating combined with proper HIT training . Couldn’t agree with that more .

  • I’ve long thought that High Intensity Training could be sold by door knocking. You’ve got a good free offer, a workout that has to be experienced to be understood, and a phenomenal value proposition. I’m sure you’d hear “no” a lot, but a good salesperson could probably really do well. This was fun to listen to!
    Great stuff, keep them coming!

  • Very interesting guy; he is quite the hustler. Must be nice to have discovered your passion at such an early age, and then be able to combine that with clarity of purpose.

    Good to know that ARX is not magic. I was starting to develop unhealthy feeling of envy!

    It is an interesting question: if you want to move beyond being primarily a trainer (which is certainly an honorable profession), how well can you scale the business?

    Regarding nutrition versus training: Training happens in front of you, so you can give immediate feedback. Everything else happens outside. Adhering to good nutrition is quite a struggle for some, because it is a battle that has to be waged every waking minute, fighting against a lot of biologically driven primitive urges.

  • When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each
    time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

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