Luke Carlson – A Great Tool for HIT Studio Operators

Discover Strength, Founder and CEO, Luke Carlson describes how HIT Business Membership has helped his business, and is the first service of its kind to help the HIT Studio owner with exclusive HIT Business content and community.

He sent me this video to share with you:

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Hi, I’m Luke Carlson and I just want to talk about two of the areas that I find to be incredibly valuable around the HIT Business Membership. I think the first area is the idea that there’s now a learning vehicle, a learning mechanism for people that practice high intensity training in a studio context, and this previously didn’t exist. This type of learning environment didn’t exist. Because we think about the educational opportunities that exist, most of them are not germane to the boutique and they’re definitely not germane to a high intensity training concept within a boutique facility.

Everything that’s out there is the health club and the gym and the fitness center, and I don’t care if you’re talking about sales or marketing or retention of employees, retention of customers. Even if we’re in the fitness space, those look really different across that entire space. So number one value of the HIT business membership is that everyone is doing the same thing. We’re receiving education around the same concept.

I think the second key area of value is a community where people are so interested and willing to share. So sometimes we get, not sometimes, we more often than not are lonely operating the businesses that we operate, and we can watch from afar at what a colleague is doing, and speculate around what they’re doing. And that’s frankly what we’ve done for decades. With the advent of the HIT business membership, now we can just message that person.

As a community, we can say, “Hey, I’m about to try this, has anyone else tried it?” Or, “I’m struggling with this. Has anyone else struggled with that?” And everyone’s so willing to share the struggles that they’ve had, the learnings that they’ve had, so we don’t have to make all the mistakes ourselves. When I think about it collectively, man, we have a curated content just around the studio model. Didn’t exist previously. And number two, we now have a community and we don’t have to guess, we don’t have to speculate about what other people are doing. We can just ask them, we can just share our best practices and share our ideas.

So that’s why I’m a member of the HIT Business Membership, and I appreciate Lawrence putting the time and the effort into creating such a great tool for us as operators. My name is Luke Carlson. I’m with the Discover Strength. Thank you so much.

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