27 – How The Well Rested Serial Entrepreneur, Keith Norris, Works Out Every Day While Running 5 Successful Businesses

Keith Norris is a Master Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, and a High Intensity Training Expert

Keith Norris (@KeithNorris) is a renown strength and conditioning coach and a serial entrepreneur involved in five successful businesses: Efficient Exercise, ARXFit, ID Life, Paleo f(x) and Ancestral Momentum (Theory to Practice).

Keith has been on the podcast before to talk about exercise and nutrition. On this occasion, we talk about business. It may come as no surprise that business is another big interest of mine. I have decided to expand the Corporate Warrior agenda to include business content, and other content (TBD), in the future. But don’t worry, I will still bring on amazing guests to talk about health, fitness (particularly HIT) and nutrition.

What really astounds me about Keith, is his ability to run 5 successful businesses while making sure he exercises regularly and gets 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night (on most occasions). I don’t know many full time employees, let alone serial entrepreneurs, who exercise just once per week or get more than 5 hours of sleep per night.

Keith largely attributes his success in business and well-being to his time management skills and focus on amplifying his strengths. In this podcast you will learn why you should focus on your strengths, and how to manage your time for maximum output, and much more…

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Show Notes

  • How to put on muscle mass when doing intermittent fasting [6:00]
  • Keith’s journey from employee to entrepreneur [10:40]
  • Keith’s first business [13:20]
  • Keith’s current business portfolio [27:35]
  • Keith’s strengths, how he manages teams and why businesses fail? [30:20]
  • How did Keith and Michelle turn Paleo f(x) around? [35:34]
  • Have Keith and Michelle applied the Pareto Law to generate revenue through Paleo f(x)? [45:10]
  • Keith’s views on doing business in person vs the vagabonding entrepreneur [48:20]
  • How does Keith manage to run 5 businesses and workout almost everyday? [51:45]
  • Is it a good idea to turn a hobby into a business? [59:50]
  • Keith’s top 3 business tools [1:06:25]
  • A day in the life of Keith Norris [1:08:30]
  • Moonlighting vs taking the plunge [1:13:35]
  • The importance of offline/local marketing for a service-based business [1:22:15]
  • Business books/resource recommendations [1:25:50]
  • Keith’s goal setting strategy [1:29:05]
  • How does Keith manage social media? [1:33:00]

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