179 – Josh Jarrett – ARX and High Intensity Training Business Marketing Tactics

Josh Jarrett's Quantify Fitness
Josh Jarrett’s Quantify Fitness

Josh Jarrett is a National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) and has supervised thousands of high-intensity workouts at Quantify Fitness (Facebook and Instagram). He is also a Certified Bulletproof Coach, a Certified NeurOptimal Brain Trainer, and a Health, Fitness, Data, and Technology Geek. Using his 20+ years experience as a Chief Marketing Officer in corporate America doing advanced data analytics and modeling for pricing and marketing, he plans to make Quantify Fitness more than just a smart gym but a way for clients to aggregate all their health and fitness data and make informed evidence-based decisions about how to best improve their health and fitness.

Please note, this was recorded ~6 months ago (sorry Josh!) and so the commentary regarding my workouts is a little out of date!

In this episode, we discuss the marketing tactics (in-depth) Josh and his team use to grow Quantify Fitness, how he uses software to automate aspects of his business, and how Quantify Fitness is set to disrupt the health and fitness industry, and much, much more…

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  • You guys really geeked out on marketing in this one. Not really my thing, but I could tell you were both into it.

    I’m glad you checked yourself a bit when discussing the value of calorie counting. Not only are you naturally lean, you are also (compared to me) quite young. I didn’t have much trouble staying lean when I was younger. I would just cut out dessert, cut back on beer and snacks, up my activity level and the fluff came off easily. After 40, everything became much more difficult.

    Now, eating the right stuff (i.e., high protein, low carb) does not lead to spontaneous weight loss. I have to limit carbs, prioritize protein, use time restricted eating, AND count calories, in order to have success. More recently, I have added in more cardio (for other health reasons), only to find that this somewhat discredited form of exercise seems to have helped me lean out a bit, and drop a few more pounds. Who knew?

    • Thanks Greg. I appreciate your POV with regard to the impact of age. I am skeptical about the value in counting calories though. Ad Ligtvoet, Mark Strough, and Arjan Meijer, don’t seem to have a problem? Interesting observation regarding cardio or should we say “steady state”? Lol.

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