221 – John Little – The Time Saver’s Workout Part 2

John Little
John Little

John Little (Linkedin) is considered “one of the top fitness researchers in North America” (Ironman magazine). An accomplished author in the field of exercise (Max Contraction TrainingBody By ScienceThe Art of Expressing the Human Body), philosophy, history and martial arts, John’s articles have been published in every major fitness and martial arts magazine in North America. He’s produced over 40 publications.

Throughout his career, John has worked alongside the biggest names in the industry, from the Estate of Bruce Lee, to bodybuilding icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer, Steve Reeves and Lou Ferrigno to action stars such as Jackie Chan. John is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker, having produced and directed films for both independent companies and major studios such as Warner Bros.

John and his wife Terri opened Nautilus North Strength & Fitness Centre in 2004, where they continue to conduct studies on exercise and share the data with their personal training clients. Nautilus North has supervised in excess of 80,000 one-on-one workout sessions.

Check out John Little’s NEW book, The Time-Saver’s Workout: A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results

In this podcast, we continue to talk about John’s new book (The Time-Saver’s Workout), exhaustion and HIT, the Delorme-Watkins method, why diet and exercise might not correlate with longevity and much, much more.

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Show Notes

  • [00:16] Introduction to John Little
  • [01:35] Why some people don’t exhibit exhaustion after an HIT workout? 
  • [05:50] Is exhaustion necessary for an effective HIT workout?
  • [10:01] The Delorme-Watkins Method for your HIT workout
  • [23:49] John’s preferred way of training
  • [25:39] Why diet & exercise do not correlate with longevity?
  • [36:58] How genetics correlates with longevity?
  • [41:39] John’s cognitive dissonance and the search for truth
  • [54:14] John’s thoughts on modern resistance machines vs. gravity based machines 
  • [01:06:12] The evolution of resistance machines
  • [01:10:19] Find out more about John and his book

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