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Jim Keen
Jim Keen
Jim Keen (email – Jim [at] arxfit.com) is the Director of Fun at ARX (FacebookInstagram). He’s been SuperSlow certified since 2013, and transitioned from a career as a trumpet player in pit orchestras for Broadway tours to a career training people in accordance with High Intensity Training principles.

As an “outsider” to the field, and having trained people with a wide variety of gravity-based tools like Nautilus, MedX, SuperSlow Systems, barbells, etc, and more modern tools, he has a unique perspective on strength training and how it can be developed into a more highly-valued and ubiquitous element of health and fitness in the twenty-first century.

In this podcast, we discuss all of the exercises possible on ARX machines, the HIT community, how to find and retain great trainers, and much, much more.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • I loved his twist on the real vs the assumed objective of exercise, and his comments on the dark side of being a purist when it comes to training methods.

    My first exposure to HIT was in the 80’s, when I had a chance to train at a Nautilus gym for a couple of years. My interest in the subject was reawakened around 2009 when I read Body By Science. It wasn’t long before I found McGuff’s site, the DrDarden site, and Renex. What I found in all three places were arguments about training equipment and protocol that often ended up being rather heated and personal. In hindsight, a lot of that now seems pretty silly and unproductive, if the main objective is to get more people to train in a reasonably safe and effective manner. I believe that the Dumper series, which dates back to that same time period, was partially a product of that same toxic culture.

    When it comes to an aggressively purist attitude, I think part of the blame lies with Arthur Jones himself. Jones was a prickly and highly opinionated fellow who seemed to relish telling other people how stupid and uninformed they were; many of Jones hardcore followers seem to love that attitude as much as they loved the training advice he gave. These days, I tend to write off some of this as later HIT proponents trying to channel their inner Arthur Jones.

    I will also say, in fairness, that this kind of factionalism isn’t unique to HIT. You find a lot of arrogance, purism and factionalism in the barbell training world. Ever heard of the term Starting Strength Nazi? It encapsulates the same sort of dogmatism: there is only one way to train properly, our way. Maybe this has something to do with testosterone levels, because women seem far less likely to engage in this sort of stuff!

  • This explanation of ARX is great. By the way, who is Howard Hughes?

  • I have been on an older ARX prototype, and I have been on Super Slow Systems machines and the iPOPD and iLELC and I like all of them. I tried to jab at the iMachines to see how high I could spike the red line (messing around) and was told don’t do that. The force production peeked for less than 2 seconds and then bottomed out fast.

  • A fantastic interview Lawrence,which I thoroughly enjoyed, lots of common sense from Jim which unfortunately isn’t that common these days. Loved it thanks Jim!
    If you are going to throw crap into an argument or point of view, you are only ever going to crap out of it, nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else.

    Some of these so called HIT ‘professionals’ who contribute nothing, but are more than happy criticise everyone else are no sadly no better than some religious zealot preaching their ideological crap in the hope it makes them look more important.

    • Cheers Malcolm. Really pleased you enjoyed the podcast. I totally agree with your points. I probably won’t spend to much time discussing the HIT in-fighting, since there is so much more interesting stuff to cover in HIT / HIT Business!

  • I was just kidding about Howard Hughes. that was the answer to the question of who DiCaprio play in the Aviator.

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