28 – James Fisher On Advanced Resistance Training Techniques, Kobe Bryant’s Injuries, And The Downsides Of The Big 5 Workout

“All we know is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown.” – William Harvey

I enjoyed my first interview with James so much that I asked him to join me for a second time. You can email James at james.fisher [@] solent.ac.uk.

James (MSc Exercise Physiology) is the Course Leader for BSc (HONS) Fitness and Personal Training at Southampton Solent University. James has worked with world class professional athletes and contributed a large number of research publications to the exercise domain.

Earlier this year, James gave a fantastic presentation called Advanced Resistance Training Techniques at the Kieser Medical Congress in Dresden.

James Fisher
James Fisher training with friend and colleague, Luke Carlson.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • If there is any point to training smaller muscle groups in isolation
  • How the Pareto Law Principle applies to strength training
  • The potential downsides to the Big 5 and abbreviated workouts
  • The benefits of strength training for joint, ligament and tendon health
  • … and much more!

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Show Notes

  • Why James isn’t a PhD yet [6:20]
  • Is there a benefit to training smaller muscle groups, e.g. grip, to more effectively stimulate larger muscle groups? [10:00]
  • Looking at multiple set strength training through the lens of the Pareto Law Principle [14:00]
  • What are the potential short comings of a big 5 and abbreviated workouts? [18:33]
  • Workout variety versus honing the skill [26:20]
  • Does it make sense to use different loads to target different muscle fibers? [30:25]
  • Is one set to failure covering the whole musculature once or twice a week all you need? [38:05]
  • How does strength training improve joint, ligament and tendon health? [49:30]
  • Can a professional athlete like Kobe Bryant reverse the damage accrued from a long, hard sporting career? [52:35]
  • How has James’s views on exercise and nutrition evolved over time? [59:00]
  • What “hacks’ does James employ to improve his health? [1:04:00]
  • What has James changed his mind about in the last year in health and fitness? [1:09:30]

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