2 – Founder of HappySugarHabits.com, Laura Thomas: How to Reduce Sugar Cravings, the Importance of Eating Fat and Why You Should go on a Fructose Detox

Laura Thomas, founder of Happy Sugar Habits helps people lose weight and become healthy
Laura Thomas (via WomensRunningUK.co.uk)

On the 25th March 2014, I had the privilege of interviewing Laura Thomas. Laura is an absolute sugar ninja, and has dedicated much of her time to understanding how to help people reduce sugar cravings. Laura has been successful in helping people lose weight, improve health, and regain their energy.

I learnt a ton of stuff in this interview and I feel ashamed for not uploading it at the time, better late than never! Also, I apologise for the echo and questionable sound quality but hopefully we make up for that with some amazing conversation.

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We discuss….

  • How to avoid sugar
  • Products and food stuffs to avoid
  • How much sugar you should consume per day
  • Why you should eat fat and avoid low fat
  • Why excess carbohydrates are dangerous
  • Why you need saturated fat
  • Why sugar is addictive and dangerous
  • How to reduce sugar cravings
  • Why you should go on a fructose detox
  • How to change your habits and deal with social situations
  • How to improve your will power and stay motivated
  • What a healthy diet really looks like
  • What are good sugar substitutes

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