How To Achieve Your High Intensity Training Goals And Start And Grow Your Strength Training Business

Several years ago, I used to work out 8 to 10 times a week.

I always felt overtrained, tired, and everything in my life suffered as a consequence, including my career, side-business and relationships.

In 2013, I stumbled across the book, Body By Science, and my life changed overnight. I reduced my exercise regime down to one hard session a week. I got better results and had way more time and energy.

I got my life back.

My career took-off (closed multiple multi-million dollar deals), my side-business blossomed (Corporate Warrior) and I actually managed to get a girlfriend!

Lawrence Neal - before and after
High intensity training combined with a sustainable and delicious diet have transformed my body and health (yes, I had hair once …)

High intensity training changed my life and I fell in love with this way of training and the community.

People often ask me “how do we make HIT great again?”

I believe that two of the best ways we can do that is:

  • Become a successful HIT case study
  • Build a successful and profitable strength training business

This is how we get more people to give HIT a go and experience the benefits first hand.

I’ve designed a membership that will help you get the best results possible from your high intensity training and/or start and grow your strength training business.

Together, we can get fantastic results individually and help build this community.

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  • Working out 8 to 10 times a week? What did your program look like in those days?

    • Hey Greg, I was following the Spartan Health Regime ( and I was doing a very abbreviated strength training routine (so heading in the right direction) and lots of steady state, HIIT and other stuff:

      Monday – Chins and curls with grip/neck work
      Tuesday – Run
      Wed – Squats and deadlifts with abs and maybe grip/neck work
      Thursday – HIIT
      Friday – Push-ups and overhead press with grip/neck work
      Saturday – Run/Basketball
      Sunday – Basketball

      Sometimes the strength training days were doubled up with runs or HIIT or hill sprints.

      After BBS:

      Monday – Nothing
      Tuesday – Nothing
      Wednesday – HIT
      Thursday – Nothing
      Friday – Nothing
      Saturday – Nothing
      Sunday – Basketball


      Did you see my email? From [email protected]

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