132 – High Intensity Strength Training: How To Build Muscle, Burn Fat, And Boost Fitness In 15-Minutes A Week

High Intensity Strength Training
This isn’t me. I look way better 😉

In this episode, I am interviewed by Coach Bill of the Anchors of Health Podcast. Bill is a great host and his podcast is dedicated to helping working professionals build the healthiest versions of themselves. It has 5-stars with 100+ reviews! Subscribe here

This is a really fun conversation and a comprehensive introduction to high intensity training. I think you will really enjoy this episode if you’re a beginner to HIT or looking to brush up on your HIT fundamentals.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How HIT can save you tons of time in the gym
  • Examples of HIT using machines, bodyweight and free weights
  • Repetition speed
  • How to measure TUL (time-under-load) and total workout time
  • How to determine the correct weight to use for each exercise
  • Best practices for warming up
  • How to train safely
  • How to improve your cardiovascular system
  • … and much more

Listen below:

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Would you like to hear more from me on high intensity strength training? Check out this episode where I talk about the Slow Carb Diet, anti-aging, common training mistakes, the importance of adding one new habit at a time, and much more (stream below or right-click here to download):

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  • Great primer on HIT. There’s so many little nuances that folk get caught up on but we take for granted!

  • I really appreciated the reminder that, if one focuses, they can get a whole day’s work done in 3 hours or so.

    • Indeed! You can fritter away days, weeks even months, if you are able to do a little bit of hard thinking in the morning, select the highest impact activity, and block out 2-3 hours. I have systems for email and an in-tray (think getting things done), that I also do in the afternoon, and these are important but occasionally I will skip, and I don’t mind so long as I did that high impact task firs thing. Easy to lose track of all of this when everyone else mistakes motion for progress. But since reading even more widely on productivity (work less, make more by James Schramko, Essentialism, Effective Executive, Blue Ocean Strategy) the principles of productivity are echoed again and again.

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