187 – Greg Anderson – A High Intensity Strength Training Icon

Ann-Marie and Greg Anderson
Ann-Marie and Greg Anderson in 1991

Greg Anderson was the Co-Founder of Ideal Exercise. Greg was an amazing promoter and instructor of the SuperSlow® protocol and was named one of the greatest trainers in the world by Dr Doug McGuff (co-author of Body By Science) and other slow HIT enthusiasts. His legacy lives on through his wife and Ideal Exercise Co-Founder, Ann-Marie Anderson.

Today’s episode comes courtesy of Rock Solid Fitness Co-Founder, Dave Durell. As I collected resources on Greg to list for my podcast with Ann-Marie Anderson, I came across this interview by Dave on High Intensity Nation.

It is one of the best high intensity training podcasts I’ve heard and I had to ask Dave’s permission to re-publish it here.

This podcast is packed with high intensity training stories, protocols, business tips, and Greg is just hilarious right the way through.

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Greg and Dave also cover:

  • How Greg got into high intensity training
  • How to manage the transition from open gym to 1-on-1 personal training
  • How to retain clients
  • How to manage introductory workouts effectively
  • How to tweak the high intensity training stimulus for better results
  • … and much, much more


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