229 – How to Grow a HIT Business in a Big Box Gym

Nigel Lyon and Simon Costello
Nigel Lyon and Simon Costello

Nigel Lyons (info @ specialisedpersonaltraining.com) is a HIT personal trainer and founder of Specialised Personal Training in Dublin, Ireland. Health and fitness has always been Nigel’s passion. He has been in the industry for over 4 years educating and motivating people from around the world to make positive changes to their lifestyle. Nigel is also the author of Optimal Fitness for Busy Professionals: How to be a Fit Corporate Professional, be More Productive, and Spend Less Time in the Gym.

Simon has been involved in martial arts and weight training since he was 15 years old. He holds a black belt in taekwon-do and has competed in taekwon-do, kickboxing, and boxing. He retired from combat sports in 2018, just before turning 40. He now enjoys rigorous games of tennis at the local club, along with his sessions at the gym. He has consistently done weight training throughout the years, and has switched to a more “HIT” approach since 2013.

In this episode, Simon, Nigel, and I, discuss our recent workout, we talk about HIT regimens in general, how to grow a HIT business in a big box gym, and much more.

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The video below shows the entire high intensity strength training workout in Dublin, Ireland, which we mentioned on the podcast. Simon Costello and I are instructed by high-intensity trainer, Nigel Lyon.



Enjoy the podcast below!

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Show Notes

  • 1:21 – How Simon and Nigel got into HIT
  • 9:36 – Benefits of warm-ups before a workout
  • 15:03 – Nigel and Simon’s workout regimen
  • 36:13 – What it is like to do a HIT business in Dublin? 
  • 41:59 – Client experience from Nigel’s workouts   
  • 44:21 – Tips for effective HIT messaging
  • 49:23 – Software tools for payment and email marketing
  • 57:08 – How is the HIT business opportunity in Ireland?
  • 1:02:24 – Advice for young HIT personal trainers

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