232 – Dave Smith PhD – How to make Better Decisions in your Business Part 1

Dave Smith PhD
Dave Smith PhD

Dave Smith PhD (d.d.smith @ mmu.ac.uk) is a Health Care and Professions Council registered Sport and Chartered Exercise Psychologist. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University and Associate Editor of The Sport Psychologist, which is one of the most prominent peer-reviewed sport psychology journals.

His research interests include psychological issues in bodybuilding and strength training, psychological skills training (particular imagery), and low back pain. He is a former personal trainer with a specific interest in high-intensity training, and also has interests in target and precision sports, and thought/decision making processes in sport and other contexts. 

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In this episode, Dave and I discuss the different factors in decision making, how to overcome cognitive biases, how to make better decisions in your business, and much more. 

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Show Notes

  • 2:59 – Psychology and decision making
  • 6:45 – Why humans make ERRORS in decision making
  • 11:33 – The Monty Hall problem
  • 21:54 – GUT INSTINCT and other factors affecting human decisions
  • 31:08 – How to overcome cognitive biases and make better decisions
  • 41:36 – Why you should be cautious with SURVIVORSHIP BIAS
  • 52:09 – Dave’s advice with regards to checklists
  • 56:15 – The risks of the narrative fallacy

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