133 – Danny Lennon – How To Create A Podcast With Over 2-Million Downloads

Danny Lennon - Sigma Nutrition Radio

Danny Lennon is the founder of Sigma Nutrition, a provider of high-quality, evidence-based information and coaching on nutrition, performance & exercise. He’s also the host and founder of Sigma Nutrition Radio, which has become one of the most popular science-based podcasts on nutrition and exercise.

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With the constant innovation in voice technology such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, the market for voice content continues to grow. A podcast can be an excellent way to educate your audience and grow your business. Podcasts can be used to provide valuable content to your growing niche audience and promote products and services to drive more sales.

Owen Dockham and I talked about how he and other fitness business owners could use a podcast to address frequently asked questions about high-intensity training. Existing clients can then share this content with friends and this can bring referrals to your business.

Regardless if you have a fitness business, online shop, online coaching, or starting a podcast for its own sake, podcasts are a great strategy for building an audience, generating more traffic and getting more customers.

In this episode, Danny describes how he created one of the most popular nutrition and exercise podcasts in the world.

We cover:

  • How Sigma Nutrition started
  • Interview preparation
  • The Sigma Nutrition Radio business plan
  • Time Management
  • … and much more!

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Listen below:

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Would you like to hear more from me on how to create a successful podcast? Check out this episode where I describe how to start a podcast, what equipment to use, how to find your niche, and much more (stream below or right-click here to download):

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