234 – Celeste Fortier – How to Convert 100% of your Introductory Workouts

Celeste Fortier
Celeste Fortier

Celeste Fortier (celestialbodies10 @ gmail.com) is a HIT trainer and a certified Superslow™ instructor for 20 years. Celeste was a pet food business owner until she discovered the potential of HIT in Baton Rouge. She currently trains clients at Centurion Fitness which specializes in HIT, specifically, the 30 minute, once per week highly efficient and effective program based on Doug McGuff’s book Body by Science.      

In this episode, Celeste shares her HIT journey, her workout and diet, how she grew her client base within three months, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • 6:00 – Key highlights from attending REC
  • 9:36 – How Celeste got into HIT 
  • 19:40 – How to market in a doughnut shop
  • 25:52 – How to convert your introductory workouts
  • 36:18 – Challenges, wins and marketing tips
  • 1:02:09 – Hobbies, workout, diet, and client training
  • 1:24:36 – Tips for aspiring HIT entrepreneurs

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