237 – Cassandra Av – How to Build a Timed Static Contraction Personal Training Business

Cassandra Bunhong

Cassandra Av (bunhongav @ yahoo.com) is a certified HIT trainer at Innate Strength Personal Training focusing on safe, efficient, and effective resistance training using high intensity. She also has certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, HITuni, and California Massage Therapy Council.   

Cassandra graduated at Southern California University of Health Science as an advanced practitioner in massage therapy and neuromuscular therapy. Her background includes kinesiology, and more than 12 years of experience in Chinese martial arts specifically Lei Tai. 

In this episode, Cassandra Av talks about how to start a HIT business, how to do isometric timed static contraction training with clients, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • 2:02 – From martial arts to HIT
  • 25:00 – How to position yourself as a HIT expert  
  • 32:08 – Building a Timed Static Contraction HIT business
  • 45:07 – Leaving behind a HIT legacy
  • 49:20 – Tactics to acquire more clients
  • 1:01:02 – A value driven business
  • 1:20:03 – Cassandra’s workout  
  • 1:31:21 – Isometric TSC training and its benefits

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Comments 3

  • Enjoyed listening to Cassandra, interesting lady. A little different to than the usual.

  • Lawrence,
    another great interview with a sharp young lady exhibiting the right motivations. Helping clients is where the “Rubber Meets the Road” and really creates trust which comes back as “Word of Mouth!
    Appreciatively yours,

  • Very informative and inspiring podcast Cassandra Av! I took plenty of notes for my high intensity CED arsenal.

    Stay On Fire My Sister In Iron💪

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