38 – Britain’s Sexiest Man, Tom Church

Britain's Sexiest Man

Tom Church is the Amazon Best-selling author of Money’s Big Secret, How To Live For Free: The Definitive Guide, 101 Quotes from Great British Women: Wisdom, observations and jokes from inspirational thinkers, a life hacking blogger, a co-founder of the creative design group FullScream UK, a suit tailor, and he also just happens to be Britain’s Sexiest Man.

Tom is an expert in finding the shortcuts to everything, like hacking Google to become Britain’s Sexiest Man and consequently being featured in the Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Metro, The Daily Star, The Lad Bible, Gizmodo and many more. He’s also the founder of London Startups – now one of London’s biggest networking organizations – and does the occasional guest lecture at universities. Prior to being the man of many talents, Tom built a successful career in corporate communications, or PR, for short. Fast forward to now, Tom has co-founded a new business venture called LatestDeals.co.uk.

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This episode covers:

  • How to create a massive impact with very little effort
  • How to leverage online marketing to get journalists to write about you
  • Tom’s thoughts on intelligence, rapid learning, and executing ideas quickly
  • How to save and make more money by investing wisely and making smart financial decisions
  • Tom’s approach to motivation, creativity, and achieving goals
  • And much more!

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